Gladys is having a mid-life crisis. Stuck in the daily grind, working at her office day job with an irritating narcissist boss, Gladys feels she is about to lose her mind. Suddenly, she is visited by her childhood imaginary friend, Pepper. Unlike the usual imaginary friends, Pepper is a sleek, sexy badass super assassin who made a pact with Gladys 30 years ago that she would never let Gladys become boring.

Well, Gladys is now boring, so Pepper talks her into posting an ad: “Assassin for hire.” Gladys interviews several “clients” who want to hire her to kill someone. Much to Pepper’s dismay, during the negotiation process, Gladys inadvertently talks them out of it. When a detective tries to catch her in the act, he somehow falls for her instead, causing a series of unfortunate misunderstandings.


This play contains adult language and themes as well as the sound of gunshots.