Testimonials from WPAC Patrons

I support the WPAC with a monthly donation because I think small theaters are great. Everyone involved contributes passionately with body and soul. I don't want that small theaters have to give up!

- Ms. Elke Weis, WPAC Patron since 2017

Why am I a WPAC Patron? The energy and enthusiasm of the WELT team is impressive. The theatre is always good for a nice evening out.There is a pleasant auditorium with a lot of space. You can take drinks and snacks to your table. In addition, it is well protected against Covid 19.

- Mr. Ian Walsh, WPAC Patron since 2017

As a lifelong arts enthusiast and supporter, I am saddened to watch the terrible toll that COVID 19 is taking on the cultural scene worldwide. WPAC / WELT is a very special place locally that should be supported to the best of our ability.  So many of the theaters are suffering and once they are gone it will be difficult to come back. To have an English speaking theater far away from home is a gift we should not take for granted. The WPAC / WELT team is doing yeoman's work here under the most difficult circumstances. A monthly donation to help to take off the edge would be of tremendous help, especially since we do not know how long this situation is going to last. I know that I am going to do my part to help stem some of the pain.

- Ms. Edee Tudor, WPAC Patron since 2018

I became a WPAC Patron some years ago when I realized how important the English culture and language is to me. Small theaters like the WPAC often perish if they aren't being helped  - in many ways. This can mean you give money or thoughts or buy tickets or help them to handle their issues. To establish and to sustain a large variety of culture was and still is a personal goal for me. Because the WPAC and WELT teams show so much passion and desire to make this a real success, I just felt I had to do my part and became a WPAC Patron. And it's wonderful to see them grow and prosper.

- Anonymous WPAC Patron since 2017

I am an enthusiastic fan of theater of all sorts, and have been a follower, and a supporter, of the Wiesbaden English Language Theater (WELT) for many years. Whenever possible, I visit its productions which are fantastic. This is not least because I think that Wiesbaden, as the capital of Hessen and the base for some thousand US soldiers with their families, needs an adequate cultural offering. And there are also a lot of German speaking people who appreciate to see plays in their original English version.

Thus, the WPAC, in its best sense, brings together people of different nations and is a meeting point for everyone who is fond of theater art, whether on, behind or in front of the stage. I have all respect for the WPAC and WELT teams and for what they have established during the last years.

- Mr. Horst Thuy, true follower and patron of the WPAC since 2017